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Matrix International creates, develops and manufactures furniture for “making the interiors better places to live” since 1984.

Matrix Furniture fully expresses the excellence of making that is worldwide recognized to Tuscany. It also reflects the evolution of the Italian creative industries, to which Matrix contributes with passion and multi-disciplinary attitude.

Matrix Furniture combines the technical compliance to the highest standards required to top end furniture, with innovative ideas on the evolution of interior environments, developed in cooperation with designers and institutional bodies.


Matrix products are carried out with handicraft methods with particular care for the final touches and carefully checked before the delivery.

The leather used is tanned with vegetables extracts such as without noxious substances. It is a natural leather tanned in oil wood barrels as in the earliest Italian traditions, destined to become even more beautiful with the time.

The fabrics used are made with natural fibers, washable except from different indications.

Sensitive to the safeguard of the environment, Matrix chooses expanded foam upholsteries produced without CFC.

The cushions are made with processed and selected feather to guarantee hygiene and healthiness.

The metallic frames are realized in cold rolled tubular or sectional steel, emered, nickel plated, chrome plated, brushed and polished.

For the lacquering are used epoxy varnishes, kilned-dry at high temperature.

The articles in wood are proposed in several essences and finished with appropriate varnishing.

All the production processes (material selection, manufacturing, finishes, assemblage, quality control and packing) are performed in Italy.

Matrix International Srl

Largo Friuli 2 - Loc. Fosci
53036 Poggibonsi (Si)

Codice Fiscale e Registro delle Imprese di Siena Nr. 00637530528
Partita IVA 00876710526
Numero R.E.A 97798 (SI)
Capitale Sociale € 78.000 I.V.

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Matrix,future classics

Matrix è stata fondata nel 1984 e ha dato vita, nell'arco di due decenni, ad una delle collezioni più affascinanti di classici del design, che produce e distribuisce in tutto il mondo. Matrix ha contribuito a diffonderne la conoscenza e a rendere questi prodotti accessibili ad un ampio pubblico, dopo che a un lungo periodo di oblio era seguita una fase di riscoperta e rilettura non sempre corrette, che ne hanno fatto degli stereotipi di una idea dell'abitare mai del tutto compresa.

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